Common mistakes people make while using a sunscreen

The use of a sunscreen is an essential part of your daily skin care routine. It not only prevents the incidence of skin cancer, but also prevents wrinkles and dark spots. However, majority of people tend to make several mistakes while using these sunscreens. According to Danie’s Beauty Salon, these common mistakes are as follows:

It is recommended to carefully read the label of your sunscreen before using it. Mineral sunscreens containing zinc and titanium must always be used in your daily routine. However, people often use chemical sunscreen which can cause adverse effects.

People going out in the sun or for spending a day at the beach, apply the sunscreen once they are outside in the sun, which is a huge mistake. Sunscreens must always be used at least 20 minutes before going outside, so that the sunscreen can be completely absorbed in your skin.

A number of people apply only a little amount of sunscreen. It is recommended to use at least I ounce of sunscreen for the whole body. Otherwise, there would be no point of using a sunscreen.

Majority of people forget to apply sunscreen on their eyelids and lips. Both of these parts must also be carefully covered with a sunscreen. Use lip balm with SPF 15 or higher for your lips.

Many people forget to reapply sunscreens. It is advised to reapply your sunscreen at least every two hours when you are continuously exposed to the sun.

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