Pandemic Now Predicted to Affect Our Lives for Years to Come

The global Pandemic continues to cause dire consequences for the lives of people around the world. With the new vaccines, there is some hope, but people are fully aware that we are long way from returning to a normal life. The Global Spiritualist Association is now offering resources to help those affected.

At this time, the best that we can achieve is to help each other make it through these difficult times. As we lean on each other, as we encourage one another, we can make our journey more bearable. The Global Spiritualist Association is fully aware and making every effort to be part of the solution.

The experts are trying to be encouraging in their news reports. However, they are quick to tell us that it could be five years before people return to normal. It may be even longer before our society as a whole can feel safe gathering in large groups.

The pandemic had so many financial repercussions around the world. Thousands of businesses went under and could no longer stay in operation. The reality is that some of these businesses will never reopen. Our medical professionals have observed that there is widespread depression due to the pandemic. Though most of us are starting to feel safer and more secure about the future, there still remains extensive despair in many countries. The Global Spiritualist Association has taken steps to help people recover and get help with depression and other problems.

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