The Secrets to Spa Success

Nothing is more relaxing than unwinding with a day at the spa. Being well prepared for your pamper session may mean that you carry that spa feeling well past the time you walk out of the spa. Here are some tips for spa success.

Discover something new

Consider looking at your spa’s service menu and look at other interesting services that you may like to try. Trying a new service will mean that you experience something new, which can leave you refreshed and energized.

Make time

Adjust your schedule so that you have ample time to get to your appointment and enjoy your spa treatment. Always arrive at least 15 minutes before your spa treatment so that you can relax in your new surroundings. Look at scheduling a spa day on the weekend or after a long day at the office so that you don’t have to rush after your treatment. Consider scheduling some quiet time with a book at a café or meet a friend for a relaxing chat after your session.

Communication is key

Before your treatment let your therapist know what you want from your treatment. If you feel any pain or stress in any particular area, make sure your therapist is informed before your treatment begins. Your therapist can then use less pressure or avoid an area if that region is sensitive. Once the therapist has started your session, let your therapist know if you would like them to increase or reduce pressure in any area.