Can Hypertension Cause Hearing Loss?

Hypertension, also known as high Blood pressure, can sometimes cause hearing loss. As your blood pressure goes up, your hearing ability will go down. That’s because hearing loss increases as the rise in blood pressure puts more stress on the walls of blood vessels.

In fact, any type of illness that puts stress on the blood vessels can cause hearing loss. In most cases, if you can alleviate this pressure, then hearing will be restored. Those with high blood pressure can take medications that bring it down. Even things like viral infections can cause temporary hearing loss for this same reason.

There are small arteries that supply freshly oxygenated blood to all those intricate and delicate parts of the ear. This type of hearing loss is referred to as Sensorineural Hearing loss. This is a very common type of hearing problem and over 3 million Americans will occasionally have this.

Though drugs can help lower blood pressure, often it’s helpful to make lifestyle changes. Take a walk each day. Get a relaxing hobby like bowling where you laugh and have fun with friends. Some people take up meditating. Meditating can relieve stress and help you focus on peaceful, positive things.

If you’ve been having hearing problems on a regular basis, Hue Hearing Aids can help. They’re so affordable and they can improve the quality of the sounds you hear.