How To Look After Your Aligners

Article By Remarkable Smiles

Some queries may come up when considering using invisible aligners, such as “Can I drink caffeine with aligners?” and “How do I start taking care of my aligners?” or “Can I consume gum while wearing aligners?” to name a couple. We have created an appropriate aligner care guideline for you to take care of your aligners correctly.

Storing Your Aligners

You will receive a little protective case to keep your aligners in when you receive them. Instead of simply wrapping your aligners in tissue paper, you should always keep them in a safe teeth aligner container.

How Often Should You Brush Your Teeth When Wearing Aligners?

After each bite of food, you must brush your gums and teeth before re-putting the aligners in your mouth. In daily life, chewing on some minty gum might be sufficient, but when wearing aligners, we must take additional care to brush our teeth after each meal.

Whether you want to maintain a regular dental regimen or improve the appearance of your teeth, toothpaste was created for teeth. However, it has a different effect on aligners, particularly whitening toothpaste, which can cause clear aligners to become foggy.

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