Tips for Promoting Better Digestion

Article written by Health Cyber

Summary: Disease begins in the gut, so they say, so it’s a good idea to promote better digestion.

If your digestion is off, it can cause you physical dismay and make it much harder for you to live a healthy lifestyle. For some patients, doctors will go out of their way to recommend a high fiber diet because of the benefits it has on digestion. In fact, all people should have a certain level of fiber in their diets. This is just one of many tips that will help improve your digestion.

Utilize a Blender

If you check the manufacturer website, you’ll find plenty of Blendtec recipes to choose from. You can use a high quality blender to pulverize nuts and grains into a powder, which you can add to salad dressings or smoothies for extra protein or potassium. You can make your own yogurt or ice cream. Blenders liquefy, chop and perform a variety of household tasks in half the time it would take to do those things by hand. That means more healthy foods in less time, so your dinner prep can finally compete with fast food.

Eat More Potassium

High potassium foods promote healthy blood pressure, which is affected by all sorts of stimuli in our lives. The number one cause of high blood pressure is probably smoking, with weight being a close runner up. Weight gain is usually associated with a lack of physical activity, so increasing that helps too. Upping your potassium intake helps counterbalance the sodium in your body, but it’s also linked to improved digestion.  Potatoes, bananas, tomato sauce, yogurt and milk are all good sources to start with.

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