A Simple Mindset that Leads to Enlightenment

Article by Herb Kimble.

There are many paths to enlightenment, many religions or schools of thought that promise spiritual awakening. But a recent blog post by Dr. Eric Amidi suggests that a simple mindset – one that is often adopted by people who want to manifest their wants and desires — can also lead to great enlightenment. What’s the mindset? It has to do with the difference between wanting and needing.

According to Dr. Eric Amidi, understanding the difference between wanting and needing a desire can lead to enlightenment and even manifest your goals. In the blog post he writes that we must never fall in love with our desires. He suggests that falling in love with them makes us need them, an attitude that he says hinders the manifestation process. Falling in love with our desires also makes us believe that they are more important than our own happiness, a thought that he suggests is also detrimental to the manifestation process.

So instead of falling in love with the things you desire in life, simply want them. This carefree attitude prevents us from falling apart if things don’t go our way. But more importantly it encourages the Law of Attraction and draws the things we desire into our lives. And according to Dr. Eric Amidi, “That’s enlightenment… that’s being lucid… that’s being awake.”