True Cases Where Dental Malpractice in California Has Occurred

Most of today’s dentists are professionals who work hard to deliver great services to their patients. But there are a few who are not well-trained. Perhaps they aren’t familiar with highly technical procedures like dental implants. Dental injuries have become more prevalent with a rising number of cases that include anesthesia injuries.

More cases where the dentist damaged the lingual nerve while extracting a wisdom tooth are being reported. This can leave the patient with serious complications like numbness in the mouth and tongue. Patients who have been injured have a right to compensation.

Dane Levy, a California dental malpractice lawyer, works with patients who have been hurt due to improper dental procedures.

Below, are excerpts from real cases that he has tried.

Case #1: Unsafe administration of general anesthesia

This patient had numerous medical problems including high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. They went in for dental services where general anesthesia was used. The patient went into cardiac arrest and died. Jury verdict: $425,000.00

Case #2: Wisdom tooth removal

This woman went in for wisdom tooth removal and the oral surgeon transected the lingual nerve causing total numbness on the right side of the mouth. She lost her sense of taste and suffered ongoing neuropathic pain. The jury awarded her $2.3 million.

Case: Failure to administer antibiotics

Patient went in for a routine cleaning but had an abdominal aortic aneurysm graft performed a few months earlier. Dentist failed to prescribe prophylactic antibiotics before the cleaning (American Heart Association protocol). Plaintiff developed an infection at the graft site and died several months later. Settlement: $300,000.00


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