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Slow Down and Truly Live Your Life

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi. When checking my email or letters, it’s not uncommon to get a letter that goes something like:  “Dear Dr. Amidi: I have a very busy life but it always feels like the days are just zipping by. How can this be the case?”   The simple answer is that your […]

Altering your body fat level

We know that EGCG contained in green tea helps to reduce blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, and lower cholesterol in your blood. Do you know that this remarkable catechin also helps to increase your metabolism, reduce body fat by burning it and as a result helps you to lose weight? Increased metabolism helps to burn […]

The Solution to Diabetes : Balanced Nutrition

Article written by Health and Wellness Central A Balanced Bioactive Nutrition Program The next most important preventive action you can take is to adopt a balanced daily nutritional routine that helps ensure a healthy blood sugar metabolism. As we age, and our metabolic conditions change, balanced nutrition with moderate exercise are two key preventive measures […]

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in North America. The underlying metabolic causes of type 2 diabetes are high levels of insulin resistance and higher than normal blood sugar levels. Family history (genetics), poor dietary habits, lethargic lifestyles and damaging lifestyle choices can all play a role in the development of […]