Top Reasons Why You Need to Switch from Glasses to Contact Lenses

Summary: Many people are switching to contact lenses and for good reason. There are a variety of benefits that glasses owners simply cannot match.

The debate over glasses and contact lenses continues to rage on with pros and cons flying all about. The truth is, there is no “right” option. Your decision should depend on your personal lifestyle, budget, and comfort. Glasses are the traditional method to improve vision but thanks to technological advancements, there are other vision correction choices available in the form of contact lenses and eye surgery.

Now, you might want to retain that sense of familiarity that you have with glasses. With stylish options to choose from, you might not want to lose out on the aesthetic appeal. But there are limitations that come with glasses. They can be a heavy weight on your nose or fall off during physical activities. Here are some reasons to consider if you’re looking into making the switch.

Full Vision

Contact lenses rest directly on your corneas, giving you the feeling of natural vision. The distance between your eyes and your glasses can impact the way you perceive objects around you. The frames of your glasses affect the outer edges of your field of vision causing a lack of peripheral sight. Plus, there are a multitude of different types of lenses like astigmatism contacts for those that require the appropriate corrective measures.

No More Fogging Up

People who wear glasses can relate to the condensation that occurs in a hot room or a due to a moist environment. Even something as small as stepping from the cold outdoors to the warm indoors can create an irritating mist of condensation that won’t go away on its own. Contact lenses on the other hand, yield clear vision regardless of the temperature around you. Unlike glasses, contacts can function on a rainy day.

Freedom to Stay Physically Active

It can be distracting to continuously adjust your glasses during the middle of running or playing a sport. In some high contact sports like football or soccer, it is almost impossible to wear glasses – unless they’re specially designed. But you still need to have perfect vision to handle the ball. Contact lenses are convenient and offer perfect vision for important matches.

Even if you’re not playing sports, you can still enjoy wearing contacts for other physical activities like working out or jogging. Once you place them in, they will remain there unless something jolts it out. Purchasing new contacts from or another reputable supplier will change the way you “see” physical activities forever.


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