Ready to do Some Spring Cleaning?

We’ve all been through a long winter season where we couldn’t get out and do much of anything. Most of us have stayed indoors because of the cold and because of the Pandemic. But now it’s spring and many of the restrictions have lifted so why not get out those shorts and sandals and get ready for a trip to the beach?

Before you go, let’s do some spring cleaning. You may decide to have a garage sale or just give that extra junk away to charity. Spring cleaning can be a very effective way to shake off winter and get ready for summer. Check our helpful tips for getting ready for summer.

Clean the garage

Get the family together to clean out the garage. You can earn some extra money by having a garage sale. Look around the house for unused items and include those.

Put your quilts away

Though you may change your sheets every few weeks, how long has it been since you washed the quilts and comforters? It’s important to do this before packing them up for summer. If you pack them away dirty, then that dirt gets embedded in the fabric. It can be very hard to remove. Pull off quilts one at a time, wash them as you would other clothes, then dry them. Fold them and pack away in heavy plastic containers.

You may also want to replace chair cushions. Old chair cushions can get dirty, grimy and even have a foul odor. The Foam Factory has all types of foam for chair cushions at great low prices.