The Solution to Diabetes : Balanced Nutrition

Article written by Health and Wellness Central

A Balanced Bioactive Nutrition Program

The next most important preventive action you can take is to adopt a balanced daily nutritional routine that helps ensure a healthy blood sugar metabolism.

As we age, and our metabolic conditions change, balanced nutrition with moderate exercise are two key preventive measures most often recommended by physicians and healthcare providers for living a healthy lifestyle.

Balanced nutrition is an essential factor in managing the prediabetic and type 2 diabetic conditions. However all too often the dietary programs recommended by the American Diabetes Association and professional healthcare providers include highly structured and rigorous daily dietary routines.

While these dietary programs have been developed to help ensure healthy blood glucose metabolism, research has found that 63% of diabetics in America have not reached their blood sugar management goals by managing their diets along with their prescribed pharmaceutical medications.

Why haven’t these solutions worked in the past?

The reasons most commonly cited by those failing to meet their nutritional plans center on the “complexity and difficulty in maintaining daily nutrition and treatment plans” in their daily routines. This was validated in studies by Dr. Elbert Huang at the University of Chicago Medical School.

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