Law of Reverse Effect

Believe me when I tell you that if you are struggling for results the “law of reverse effect” is undermining your goals.

Over the last 15 years I have been involved in creating training and coaching strategies for individuals, groups and organizations.

Grand Teton ClimbIf you look at Mary’s picture to the left you will notice that there is no before or after shot – success goes beyond looking-good. It means doing something incredible, something that emotional moves you and the people around you.

When you’re able to overcome the “law of reverse effect” you break through personal self limiting beliefs about what you can and can not do.

As an expert in transformational learning, I have had the privilege to work with international health and wellness experts and have been able to confirm with them the critical importance on the “law of reverse effect”.

Have you notice when really powerful experts, who command attention as soon as they start to speak, share a similar quality when they teach something?

They do not only tell you what to do – they also tell you what not to do! This is a simple, but powerful truth – it lies at the heart of the law of reverse effect. The law of reverse effect is one concept that can open your eyes and release the frustration of your women’s health struggles.

Many of the women I work with ask the same question

“I am doing all the right things, why am I not getting the results”.

The answer is always the same – doing the right thing is simply not good enough!

You know the infamous “Just Do It” slogan, right?

Well the truth is “doing it” is not going to work for life-long strategy of healthy and vitality!

Thanks to the law of reverse effect, just “doing it” will always lead to burn-out.

That is why so many people who start a diet, and achieve a level of success, almost always end-up at a weight greater than before the diet. You do one thing, and end up achieving the opposite result!

It results in the womens health yo-yo.

Let me explain the essence of the “law of reverse effect”… First, I can say with complete confidence that you know what “law of reverse effect ” is – it exists in almost everything we do. Think of it like trying to fill a bathtub.

Let’s sat you turn the faucet on, but the bathtub fills only to a certain level and the water level does not rise despite that the water is still running. You immediately notice that the drain is not fitted properly.

So you adjust the drain plug and the bathtub fills-up. Did you get the point that I am trying to make? Everything you do and everything in life has a draining force. In systems theory, it is called “limits to growth”. Nothing grows forever; there will always be a restraining force.

Populations grow by increased birth rates, but are limited (restrained) by death rates. Have you ever had an experience when you started to exercise there was a lot of initial progress? But soon after the initial rapid change, the rate of improvement started to flatten out and there was very little improvement – it’s sort of like hitting a glass ceiling! Sound familiar?

Well this is the “law of reverse effect” in action!

It so frustrating because you are doing all the “right” things – do you know what I mean? Understanding the restraining and draining forces in your life is critical for a lifetime of health. It is something that the health industry very seldomly speaks of – they prefer to keep telling you to “work harder” and a cheerlead you on to one strategy to the next.

Unfortunately, very few women’s health experts stress the importance of the draining forces to your women’s health.