Sexual Tip – Celebrate Sexual Style Differences!

Tonight pay attention to your partners language – you will be able hear the sensory style that they prefer.

Listen to the words they use. You will see a pattern or tendency to predominately describe things using one or two of the senses

A good way is to ask indirect questions about different areas of your partners life.

For example: How do you know you had a successful day at work?

Possible generic answers include:

  • My boss tells me he is happy with my work!
  • I see the numbers in the status reports!
  • You can feel the good vibes in the office!


Here are four different ways people are expressing sexual interest:

  1. It turns me on to see you walk that way!
  2. They’re playing our song! I can hear your whispers of “sweet nothings” that night!
  3. When I feel your hands on my body, it makes me melt!
  4. The smell of your perfume drives me wild, when you walk by!


Take this sexual tip on sexual styles and apply it all the other secual tips you have ever heard of.

Categorize your sexual tips list into sexual sensory styles.

You will instantly understand why sexual tips work and others didn’t.

Remember speak and act in a way the stimulates your partner! And of course make sure they reciprocate!