What Does it Mean to Have Optimal Health?

You probably know that you should be eating nutritiously and exercising, right?

So I am not going to tell you the obvious.

And you probably already know how:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

are epidemic problems in modernized countries around the world.

Its more than a problem – there is a health epidemic!

The more important questions are:

  • Why can’t you find a lifestyle of health and wellness that make senses to you?
  • What do you do when one expert tells on thing and the next expert says the exact opposite?
  • What diet is the best for losing weight and keeping it off?

Unfortunately, there is a core of confusion in hearts and minds of thousands of seeking to improve their  health.

There is an endless list of contradictions.

There are Low Fat diets vs. Low Carb diets vs. High Protein diets – each having an health expert claiming this is the answer to all your health issues.

Then you are faced with the choice of how you will exercise. There are gym memberships, at home exercise equipment and then the 100’s of exercise classes to choose from.

Are you confused about what is right for you? You have every right to be, as matter of fact I would be very surprised if you were not!

What if I told you none of these questions and concerns really matters?

That’s right, it really does not matter if you learn to see the big picture and what it means to have health.

Let me explain it truly is amazing how simple it really is.

The one thing that you should not be confused about is what it means to have optimal health!

Take a minute to consider what it means to be have complete health – make a mental note of what it means to you.

  • Is health something you see or hear? Or is it something you feel inside?
  • How does your optimal  health touch others around you?
  • What are the things that you could do if you had a unified body, mind and spirit?
  • If you had complete health and wellness what is the one thing you would do – try to think of something that you cannot do right now?