The Four Pillars Of Feng Shui And How They Are Used In The Garden

Article by Wicker Paradise.

The four pillars of feng shui also referred to as the Bazi, are the four pillars that help shape your destiny and personality. These four pillars are based on the year, month, day, and time of your birth. They can also be called the eight characters because each one of the pillars has two characters like the yin and yang that represent them.

The Bazi is used to help calculate your birth element which is your predominant feng shui element. This is important because it is this element that you will want to strengthen. You can use a Bazi chart to help you with this and it will give you color and decoration ideas that will be best for you. This can also help calculate what your weakest element is.

Your main element will be the one that best describes you and should be the first place you start when decorating your garden since it should set the theme for the whole garden. If you have the wood element for example, then it is likely enough that you enjoy a healthy life and love being out in nature.

Start decorating the East and Southeast areas of your garden first since this is the direction you are drawn to, and use browns and greens. Use plenty of wood, but compliment the wood with metal and fire and water to support it for a complete yin yang. A good example would be to have a whicker chairs around a metal grill here at the edge of a bird bath.

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