Adding Strength Training To A Workout Routine

Written by: Best Fat Burning Guide

A good workout routine is about blending a good amount of cardio exercises along with adding some strength training. The latter is known to be beneficial to the heart, strengthens the bone and helps in weight loss efforts. Strength training is often erroneously perceived as being just for bodybuilders and weightlifters. This type of exercise is in fact beneficial to everyone irrespective of age and especially those suffering from health troubles such as heart problems and arthritis.

Weight Loss
Engaging in strength training not only contributes to losing excess body fat and weight, it also helps to sustain the weight loss. Women engaging in weight training for a frequency of about 3 times per week are normally able to increase the amount of calories burned daily. This helps to maintain their weight and not to gain excess weight quickly.

Bones and Muscle Mass
After the period of puberty, men and women alike start to lose 1 percent of their muscle and bone strength with each passing year. This loss can be prevented or even reversed through strength training.

Stronger and Fitter
Resistance training, or strength training also yields incredible benefits in toning your body muscles by contracting them. Generally there are two types of resistance used in these workout routines, the first one is isometric resistance and isotonic strength training. Both of them contribute to making the body stronger and more toned.

The muscle needs to recover after a strength training routine and this is why it should be carried out on alternate days.