What are the costs involved in a dental filling?

Dental treatment can be costly, yet necessary and often urgent. If you are not someone who visits your dentist annually, you may only know that you need a filling when you notice tooth decay or when you suffer from toothache or sensitivity. If the level of decay is extensive, chances are you will have to spend a fair amount of money to repair your teeth.

Detail fillings are a common dental procedure that involves repairing a damaged tooth, due to decay or a fracture. The process involves drilling and removing the decay while replacing the cavity with a filling.

The cost of your filling will vary on several factors, which include:

Your dentist – Dentists’ charges can vary in comparison to their skill and experience level. It is best to choose a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry as a poorly done filling can cause pain, swelling and incur further costs.

The location – Prices can vary depending on where your dentist conducts your procedure. Charges will differ for example if you’re dentist completes the procedure in his clinic compared to a hospital at which he consults.

Your insurance – Carefully read through your insurance coverage and identify what types of dental cover are offered by your insurer.

The number of fillings – If you have several surfaces that need attention, your charges will be a lot higher than if you have minor decay or damage.

The type of filling – There are a variety of filling materials available and they vary in terms of cost and durability. The most common are amalgam fillings, which are made using a mix of metals. Amalgam fillings will range from $100-$200 per filling. Although amalgam fillings are cheaper and last for approximately 10-15 years, they are dark in color and can be seen when the patient smiles or laughs. Other fillings include composite and porcelain which are higher in price but can be matched to your natural tooth.

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