You Are Your Own Creator

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

The Law of Attraction gives us direction about what the most powerful force of creation is in the Universe. It turns out that it’s not seismic forces pushing mountains out of the ground or cosmic energy creating and expanding the Universe. In fact, nothing has more power of creation that the human mind. You are the person who is most responsible for creating positive or negative things happening in your life; because of this, you are in many ways the true creator of your own life.

While this might seem empowering to many people, it’s also a scary concept for other people to grasp. After all, it’s a version of something that anyone who has read the Spider Man comic book has heard: with great power comes great responsibility. If an individual is the most powerful force behind their ability to manifest success in their lives, they can also reason that they are the most powerful force if negative things happen in their lives. Many people would rather not attempt to create success if it means they could create failure.

It’s important to realize that failure is an important component of life and it’s not something to be feared. Obviously, no one wants to experience failure, but living a life where failure is not possible also means that you are living a life where true success isn’t possible either. At any rate, a failure just means that something positive hasn’t happened yet. You only have to look at any successful person and their “failures” to remember that a misfire is usually a temporary setback and can actually create new opportunities.

Dr. Eric Amidi is a respected scientist who focuses on the application of Artificial Neural Networks. Eric Amidi used this knowledge as part of the team that discovered the Top Quark.